Mental Health Check!

Welcome back, to all of my beautiful readers.

As mentioned before, beauty is always within. No matter how amazing and beautiful someone looks on the outside, a person’s mentality will also be reflected on their character. So, this post will be one to make sure we are all mentally well.

I realise that sometimes it may be hard to smile, be happy, speak to others or even think about doing anything good to or about yourself. Well, that is exactly where the change needs to be done. A small smile is enough. It may take some time but all that is necessary is to take a mirror and look at yourself and force that smile out! Once it is there, the rest will come rather easily.

Sometimes we may feel extremely lonely. We may feel as if there is no light in the world we live in and as if no one can help us. There are times where some people, including myself, feel better when we purposefully remain upset and sit in a dark room alone, crying our eyes out a things that will not even matter once our miserable, heart-broken or angry feelings are over. If something will not matter within a few hours then why do we allow for the situation to get to us so much? Why do we express our feelings so harshly till we are at a point where nothing other than crying or being upset supposedly matters to us? Those who have been through this, all know that the emotion of regret follows shortly after. Regretful of crying so much that our eyes burn. Regretful of being so down and sorrowful that we had to miss out on plans that would have boosted our moods in a second and given us joy. Know your worth. Know your benefit for this world and the pleasant feelings you bring to others.

Constantly we fail to realise that we are loved and in fact we are someone that has everything that another person is looking for. We were born into this world for a reason. Everyone goes through certain tests during their time alive and it is up to us to be able to be resilient enough to overcome these tests and to in fact pass the tests. Imagine this time of your life as a phase. Imagine an award at the end of you overcoming your mental health problems. Your award is your happiness. Love yourself enough to show, most importantly yourself and then others that you matter and that you should be respected. Every soul’s feelings matter. Every single person is an amazing wonder that has been brought into this life. It is not a bad thing to love yourself. It is not wrong to have a little ego. So do it, and let that be a step towards feeling better and healing your own mental health.

What I have explained above may not apply to yourself directly but may apply to someone you know. So, if you’re feeling extremely down and you are aware that it is not how you want to feel, or if you know someone who feels this way, seeking advice from a professional is the best way to take your first step. In the UK 1 in 4 people will experience mental health issues per year. Now this is only 1 country out of 195. So, I leave the rest to your own logic and imagination, combined.

Places to visit to seek professional advice:

  1. UK – NHS (free),
  2. America – Massachusetts General Hospital (paid),
  3. Turkey – Bakirkoy Psychiatric Hospital,
  4. India – P M Santosha Hospital,
  5. Any country – Depression & Anxiety Treatment Classes.

Yes, my examples of places to visit is limited but my aim is to guide you that there are people out there that can help you in all regions of the world.

Once a doctor has given your diagnosis, it should be time to take action. Do not stop. As they say, Fake it Till You Make It! You need to smile and fake being happy till you actually believe that you’re happy. No matter how long it takes, do not let the motivation go. Remember, the beauty of your mental health will reflect on your beauty that is visible on the outside. If you’re someone who is psychologically pessimistic, low on mood and unhappy then this will only affect your daily activities. I suggest looking deeply into Law of Attraction and how attracting positivity and happiness in your life everyday is possible (a post may be coming soon on Law of Attraction). Following this law continuously has helped many with their goals and ambitions in their lives. I have personally read The Secret several times and it is a book I highly recommend.

Even though it is difficult for someone who is going through a challenge with their mental health and to keep healthy relationships with their family and friends, who they surround themselves with are very important. So, if you’re someone who has mental health issues, then make sure you are not surrounded by toxic people. Likewise, if you’re a family member or friend of someone who is going through such issues, make sure that you’re not toxic to them.

Helping yourself may be a little more difficult than helping another person. Once you’re aware of your low mental health, it may be worrying and may take some time to accept it. The longer it takes time to accept your diagnosis, the longer it will take for you to heal. I shall make a list of 10 simple things that you can do to help either yourself or someone who is going through this tough and heavy time.

  1. Tidy your room,
  2. Drink lots of water,
  3. Make sure you open your curtains and allow sunlight into the area you’re in,
  4. Sleep early and wake up early,
  5. Sleep for no more that 8-9 hours,
  6. Spend time reading books, watching your fave TV show or going out with friends,
  7. Engage in sports,
  8. Care for a pet,
  9. Join a support group to help with your mental health,
  10. Talk to someone about your feelings.

Even if you’re not personally going through any mental health problems, as someone who is aware of another persons’, by simply encouraging them to do any of the above can change their life enormously!

I promise that this tough time will pass and you will no longer feel as if you’re alone in a dark and small space. I promise that you will find that happiness you’re looking for and you will continue to smile and giggle uncontrollably. Do not allow your mindset to change you in a negative manner. In fact, make sure it does the opposite! Attract beauty into your lifestyle, your personality and your relationships with others.

Oh, and if it helps, here are some YouTube video links that could brighten your day, calm you down or even make you giggle:

  1. ,
  2. ,
  3. .

There is no point in letting yourself down, keeping your mood low and being unhappy even though you know that you have potential, because YOU ARE WORTH IT! So, take a look in the mirror and say “I am who I’ve been looking for”, because you totally are!

Remember, be beautiful on the inside, so you’re also beautiful on the outside.

Now, if you need help, someone to talk to or just a friend to make you smile, then please leave either a comment or get in touch with anyone from our team and we will be there for the rescue immediately.

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